The Anti-Bodz are the sentient antibodies that form part of Jumbonox's body.

When Jumbonox swallowed the Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood, the Anti-Bodz confronted them and fended them off. Once he realized he was attacking Jumbonox' immune system, the Surfer had already knocked down numerous Anti-Bodz, weakening Jumbonox's defense, giving the sentient disease called Mox-Pox a chance to escape, threatening to infect the entire sector.

While the Anti-Bodz laid down and recovered, the Surfer and Dawn distracted the Mox-Pox telling them stories about their friend Tiny Harold. The Anti-Bodz were also captivated by the stories, and managed to get back on their feet to keep the Mox-Pox at bay once again. They later bid the Surfer and Dawn farewell once Jumbonox decided to let them go away.[1]

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