Anti-Electro Netting from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 4 0001

Testing the device.

After the Super-powered prison breakout occurred, Peter Parker felt that he was responsible for it as Otto had experimented on Electro, who was the cause of the prison breakout.

As the CEO of Parker Industries, Peter along with his workers, came together to create a device to trap, cure and de-power Electro. [1]

After the device was fully built and operational, Black Cat kidnapped Sajani Jaffery to get the specs for the machine. [2]

Posing as a scientist for Parker Industries, Black Cat set-up Electro in the Anti-Electro Net. Both Peter and Cindy were alerted to the danger via their spider-sense, and suit up to power down the machine. Black Cat, overloaded the machine, risking a huge explosion and caused Electro to be in great pain. Using her webbing, Silk managed to insulate the machine and Electro, thus saving everyone. However, the machine proved to be successful and was able to de-power Electro, who was later taken away for police custody. [3]

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