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The Anti-Gravity Device was a hand-held machine Tony Stark worked on for months to no avail. Out of exasperation, Stark decided to arrange its circuit at random, causing the machine to miraculously work. A subsequent small incident caused the device's wires to be fused. While it still worked, the machine couldn't have its make-up analyzed or reverse engineered.

The following day, Stark demonstrated the machine to the military. A reporter who had managed to sneak into the restricted test area was able to take a picture and have his newspaper report Stark's new invention as a scoop. The news of this device reached the Black Widow, who decided to steal it in order to regain the good graces of her superiors.

After managing to get close to Tony Stark, the Black Widow used a paralyzing gas to knock him out and steal the device. She informed her superior of her acquisition, and proceeded to use it to wreak havoc in Stark Industries' factories, initially by causing equipment to levitate, and then by causing even entire buildings to float. The Black Widow was later surprised by the arrival of reinforcements in the form of three fellow agents. One of them was eager to test the device, and used it on a car, which started to float and caught Iron Man's attention.

Iron Man confronted Black Widow and the agents, but she used the Anti-Grav Device to bring an entire building on him. She proceeded to the next part of her plan, to assault Fort Knox. She used the device to lift up an entire mountain, and neutralize the tanks and army forces charging at her. Iron Man caught up with her, and used a proton electronic charge that destroyed the output of the device, rendering it completely useless, in addition to irreproducible.[1]


The Anti-Gravity Device is a small crimson box that emits an energy ray of the same color that exerts a force opposite to gravity in a desired object, causing it to float. It possesses a reverse function, that can increase the force of an object to the ground.

The ray projected by the weapon can lift from relatively small objects to entire mountains. Objects and people affected by the ray eventually drift back down after a few minutes, or sometimes immediately, after exposure is interrupted.[1]

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