Information-silk Official Team Name
Information-silk Team Aliases
NYPD Anti-Spider-Man, A.S.S., Jameson's Anti-Spider-Man Patrol,[1] Goblin Slayers[2]
Information-silk Status
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Base of Operations
Information-silk Team Leader(s)
formerly Commander Gannon (Field Leader); J. Jonah Jameson
Information-silk Current Members
unnamed members
Information-silk Former Members
Commander Gannon, Gary Groby, Thurston, Simmons, Baxter
Information-silk Allies
Information-silk Origin
An elite team of the NYPD created by J. Jonah Jameson to capture Spider-Man
Information-silk Place of Formation


A unit created by Mayor J. Jonah Jameson to take down Spider-Man.

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