Quote1 You should. You should fear me. I am capable of destroying any symbiote. Quote2
-- Anti-Venom src

The Anti-Venom Symbiote was created after Mister Negative used his powers to cure Eddie Brock of cancer. The remnants of the Venom Symbiote were infused with his powers and merged with his white blood cells.

The two were briefly separated, but Spider-Man was able to cause a resurgence of the Symbiote from his bloodstream after injecting Brock with an Anti-Venom Serum.

After cleansing the Hellhounds of Dormammu's influence, the symbiote was corrupted by its power. Eddie returned to villainy and became Cosmic Venom only for The Six-Armed Spider-Man to take Dormmamu's power and return Anti-Venom back to normal.[1]


Seemingly those of the Anti-Venom Symbiote of Earth-616.

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