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When Singularity appeared within Earth-616, Antimatter was also created. He first emerged in Earth Orbit near Alpha Flight's Low-Orbit Space Station,[1] and after briefly orienting himself, he almost immediately began attacking Singularity.[2]

He followed her from New York City to Japan to Florida,[3] before finally facing off in the Blue Area of the Moon,[4] where Antimatter battled against A-Force. Antimatter was seemingly destroyed, but his particles dispersed across the Earth, infecting multiple individuals.[5] His apparent death also brought forth other interdimensional travelers such as Dazzler Thor and the Countess.[6]



Antimatter is a sentient being composed of counterpart particles and light, posing an exact opposite to Singularity:

  • Plasma Energy Blasts: Antimatter can discharge concentrated plasma energy blasts.
  • Teleportation: Antimatter possesses the ability to generate teleportation warps, allowing him to displace himself.[3]
  • Flight: Antimatter is capable of flight by means of an unknown form of energy propulsion.[2]
  • Telepathic Tracking: Antimatter exhibits enhanced psionic senses, enabling him to detect and track Singularity over vast distances.[2]

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