Similar in appearance to the handgun that Doctor Doom usually carries in his right holster, this device shots a beam of antimatter particles. As soon as these contact with any solid matter, organic or inorganic, the impact causes a huge explosion due to the meeting of the antimatter and the target's matter atoms. The device had a relatively short range, could not be shot in a burst, and could only be shot ten times before reloading ammo, but due to its power, it was one of Doom's more deadly weapons. Sometimes, Doctor Doom outfits one of his Servo-Guards -only one member of a unit- with an operative unit of this device.[1]

Doom took this weapon at one point when he had his Promethium armor. At that point, he had lured Ms. Marvel, the She-Thing to his castle in Latveria, promising to turn her human again. He then told the Fantastic Four, who raided the operation. The Thing, alone, reached Doom's laboratory and confronted the villain. Doom shot the Thing with the Anti-matter Extrapolator, hurting him. The Thing recovered, threw a stone with deadly aim, and shattered the device in Doom's hand.[2] Although the original unit was destroyed, Doom is believed to have kept the blueprints to build more units, if not other finished extrapolators.[1]

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