Quote1 It's hope. A gift from Rabum Alal... And now you can enter the great struggle armed. Quote2
--Black Swan[src]

The Antimatter Injection System is composed of two devices, a bomb and a trigger. The bomb was first seen when Black Swan used it to destroy a colliding planet Earth from Earth-1331 with Earth-616's.[3]

The Illuminati reverse-engineered the trigger used by Black Swan and created their own version of the Antimatter Injection System, which they first used to destroy the desolated, yet incursive, Earth from another universe.[4] One month later, Mr. Fantastic finished building an arsenal of these bombs following the success of the first one.[5]

When Thanos invaded Earth, his Black Order invaded Wakanda and found Necropolis, the Illuminati's base of operations, where they discovered the Antimatter Injection Systems,[1] and attempted to use one of them to destroy the Earth.[6] However, as the bomb was activated, Inhuman Lockjaw teleported it to a distant inhabited planet, where it exploded.[7]

Months later, the Illuminati brought another Antimatter Injector to the Incursion point with Earth-4290001's planet Earth, Egypt.[8] After defeating that Earth's heroes, the Great Society, the Illuminati planted the bomb. Because none of the Illuminati desired to do the unthinkable, destroying an entire innocent and inhabited Earth, Namor detonated the bomb himself.[9]

After being excluded from the Illuminati due to acting against his teammate's will, Namor liberated the Illuminati's prisoners and formed the Cabal,[10] who took over Necropolis, and used the Antimatter Injector Systems to destroy each new incursive Earth.[10]


The function of the Antimatter Injector is to pierce the core of a planet and cause a virtually instantaneous planetary explosion.[2]


  • Black Swan mentions these type of bombs as being a "gift from Rabum Alal."[4] This could mean either that Rabum Alal was their creator, or that they're a "gift" from him as being one of the few things capable of impeding Incursions, something created as a cause of Rabum Alal's birth.[11]

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