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Antiphon the Overseer was one of the first beings (possibly even the first) known as the Proemial Gods.[1]

His purpose was to monitor the Cosmic Consonance, and he was tasked to only see, but was forbidden to act. The form fitting the function, he was therefore the weakest of his kind, with the most vulnerable form.[1]

The Proemial Gods' Civil War[]

When war erupted between the Proemial Gods, caused by Diableri of Chaos and followed by many of the Proemial Gods (and especially by Tenebrous of the Darkness Between and Aegis, Lady of All Sorrows), Antiphon - true to his purpose - was the only one that remained neutral and uninvolved in the entire conflict and rejected all of Diableri's ambitions.[1]

The conflict caused many casualties among the Proemial Gods, and was eventually brought to Galactus, who killed Diableri and imprisoned Aegis and Tenebrous in the Kyln.[1]

Imprisonment and Death[]

Antiphon was imprisoned along with his surviving kin in the Kyln for unknown reasons and died there under equally unknown circumstances.[1]

It was suggested between Tenebrous and Aegis, after returning to the Kyln and finding Antiphon's corpse, that their fellow god came to resent being diminished and this was why he was imprisoned; however, this is just speculation.[1]


  • It is to be noted that Galactus did not mention imprisoning Antiphon, while he mentioned explicitly Tenebrous and Aegis, and those two were interrogated about his presence in the Kyln.[1]
  • He bore a strange resemblance to the Watchers, had a similar purpose to theirs, and was hypothesised by readers to possibly be their progenitor.
  • Antiphon was the weakest of all of the Proemial Gods.[2]


  • Antiphon's name is also a noun, meaning a response to a psalm or some other part of a religious service, such as at Vespers or at a Mass. This meaning gave rise to the word "antiphony", a call and response style of singing.

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