Anton Devere was a French painter who went totally mad and was institutionalized. Breaking out, he would develop a new identity of Stefan Natas, fashioning himself to resemble story-book illustrations of the devil. Apparently independently wealthy, "Natas" set himself up on a private island complete with a private work staff. He became known for his beautiful underwater garden as well as his unsavory reputation with women, namely a number of showgirls who came to his various parties went missing, however no evidence was ever compiled that could implicate Natas of any wrong doing. Unknown to all at the time, Natas painted pictures of these girls and then decapitated the women. He would keep their heads preserved in jars filled with alcohol which he kept on display in a secret room of his home.

Despite his bad reputation, Vicki Armhurst and her cousin would accept an invitation to see Natas' garden even though the idea was protested by her husband-to-be Dick Arbor a wealthy stock broker. That night something terrible happened and Vicki would attempt to swim back to the mainland. Nearly drowning she was rescued by the Sub-Mariner who resuscitated her on the beach. She would provide Namor with a vague warning about Natas being "a true devil" before passing out. Namor then brought Vicki back to her fiancee who was furious to learn what had happened to her. He, his sister Arline and Namor would all pay Natas a visit. When asked to account for the previous nights events, Natas would explain that Vicki and her cousin had an argument and when Natas got in the middle of it, a despondent Vicki ran off the porch and disappeared into the night.

This answer would not sell Dick, who angrily punched Natas in the face before Namor broke them nup. Agreeing to discuss things in a more civil manner, Namor and Arlene would leave the two to sort things out. Natas would instead knock Dick out and tie him up and go looking for the others. He would find Namor just after the Atlantean monarch found his secret room. When trying to shoot the Sub-Mariner failed, Natas would attempt to flee through a secret passage in his swimming pool to lose the Sub-Mariner -- but to no avail. Seeking to lure the hero to his shark tank, but Namor would break off their fight to rescue Arlene who was then being tied up by Natas' butler. Freeing both Arlene and Dick, Namor resumed his fight with Natas. When Dick attempted to interfere, Natas would stab him in the back with a knife, forcing Namor to push the madman into the shark tank where he was devoured by his own sharks. During the fight Arlene found documents revealing Anton's true identity and past.


Anton Devere was a skill painter.


Devere was a homicidal maniac who was supposed to be institutionalized.


Anton carried a pistol and a knife. He also had a shark tank which he used to feed parts or all of his victims to dispose of evidence of his murders.

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