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Quote1 Greed is the purest motivation-- the others tend to get sticky with complications. Quote2
Anton Mogart[src]


Early Life[]

Nothing is known about Anton Mogart's past before he started stealing great works of art, jewels and such from locations all around the world, the thefts taking place promptly at midnight, which earned him the name Midnight Man. He lived in an opulent New Jersey mansion and stole these things simply to own them, not for the money.[2]

Moon Knight[]

Raul Bushman, Jean-Paul Duchamp, Anton Mogart (Earth-616) from Moon Knight Vol 1 9

On the 22nd day of a theft spree in New York City, Mogart stole a rare Monet oil painting from the Ramadan Art Gallery. He was later stopped by Moon Knight and fell into the river and was presumed drowned. In actuality he was carried by the current to New York and the mouth of a drainage viaduct. There the wastes in the sewer melted his face leaving him deformed.[2] Hiding in the sewers for three days he returned to his home to find the police had taken all his stolen goods. Blaming Moon Knight for this and his deformity, he vowed vengeance. Driven insane he lived in the sewers and started collecting trash instead of treasure. He worked with Bushman who lured Moon Knight into a flooding sewage chamber with Midnight Man in it. Moon Knight was able to chisel an escape route in the brick and Midnight Man was once again washed down a river.[5]


Later learning that he was dying from cancer, Mogart tracked down his illegitimate son Jeff Wilde. Mogart then taught Wilde his trade secrets, but begged him not to become a criminal.[6] Mogart then challenged Moon Knight for one last time and apparently died as a result.[7] After he died Wilde took the alias Midnight and tried to become Moon Knight's sidekick, but instead ended up as a villain.[6]



  • Master Thief: Anton was a accomplished art thief, escaping from authorities across the globe.[2]
  • Martial Artist: He was able to hold his own against Moon Knight in a fight.[2]



A handgun and an Asian dagger, the latter which being a part of his stolen art collection.

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