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Project Blackheart[]

Anton Satan was born as part of Project Blackheart, a program organized by Satanists with the intention of breeding an Antichrist to bring about Armageddon.[7]

Having just claimed the throne of Heaven, Zadkiel sent his angelic assassins to Earth in order to stop all biblical prophecies from happening, as that would allow him to write his own script for the end times. They killed all the children bred by Project Blackheart but Anton, who managed to escape.

The Demon of Wall Street[]

Eventually making his way to Wall Street, Anton began to work at Gourmandize Brothers Holding Inc., growing through the ranks to an executive position in just two weeks, partially due to the tragic suicide of all his supervisors. That rapid ascension caught the attention of the C.E.O., Mortimer J. Gourmandize, who congratulated Anton for his accomplishments.

With Anton making no real effort to keep his identity a secret, Zadkiel's agents were able to quickly find him and attacked him inside the building he worked. He was saved from them by Jaine Cutter, an occult terrorist who wanted to maintain supernatural balance.[1] The two ended up meeting Hellstorm the Son of Satan, who was also there to kill Anton, albeit for different reasons. Surrounded by Zadkiel's minions, Jaine and Hellstorm were forced to put their differences aside and fight together. Meanwhile, Anton took advantage of the confusion to flee, but was found instants later by Daniel Ketch.[4]

Danny took Anton to meet up with Johnny Blaze (Danny's brother and fellow Ghost Rider), the Caretaker Sara, Jaine, and Hellstorm outside the building. There, Danny presented his plan to them: days earlier, he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his help in bringing down Zadkiel. The only thing they needed to do was to take Anton somewhere safe and his "father" would give them the keys to Heaven. Though hesitant, the group agreed to follow Danny's plan.[8]

Heaven's on Fire[]

While Danny and Johnny looked for a gateway to Heaven in the locations provided by the Devil,[9] the rest of the group tried to find a gateway to Hell to deliver Anton to his "father." As Hellstorm and Jaine fought members of the Ghost Rider Assassination League, Anton restrained Sara with Master Pandemonium's help[5] and revealed to her that she was a living portal to Heaven. After activating the portal inside Sara, Anton invaded Heaven with an army of demons he summoned from the portal on Master Pandemonium's chest.[6]

Once they arrived in Heaven, Anton and his horde found Zadkiel defeated at the feet of the Spirits of Vengeance of all eras. Anton immediately regretted his actions and fled from there as his servants were slaughtered by the Ghost Riders. Back on Earth, Anton reunited with Master Pandemonium and Blackout to get some downtime until their next scheme against humanity.[10]

Hellfire Club[]

Kid Blackheart was present at a videoconference meeting held by Kade Kilgore to present his Hellfire Academy in order to frighten any potential rival to his rule over the Hellfire Club.[3]


  • Anton insisted his surname was pronounced "Shuh-tan," and stated it was Czechoslovakian.[1]
    • Jaine Cutter got genuinely frustrated with Anton's inability to come up with a better name, as it was an obvious reference to his true identity as the Antichrist.[1]

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