Anton Satan was born as part of a breeding program organized by a church of Satanists using the worst human beings, murders, rapists, cannibals and CEO's, all for the purpose of creating the Anti-Christ.

When Zadkiel claimed the throne of Heaven, he tried to kill Anton, so the prophesy would not be realized. Leaving the church he went to Wall Street until he was saved from an assassin by Jaine Cutter. The two then met up with the Ghost Riders, Sara and Daimon Hellstrom. Anton agree to lead the group to a gateway to heaven, as the rest of the group fought Zadkiel agents, Anton revealed that Sara was a living portal, restraining her Anton revealed that he planned to invade heaven with an army of demons he would summon from the portal in Master Pandemonium chest. Though the invasion was a failure, Anton and Pandemonium escaped.[1]

He was later present at a Hellfire Club meeting where Kade Kilgore presented his Hellfire Academy's Hellions in order to frighten any potential rivals to his rule over the Club.[2]

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