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Crimson Dynamo was one of the various supervillains imprisoned at the Raft, untill Loki and the Celebrity Five released him during Tony Stark's presentation of the DISKs. Crimson Dynamo was ordered to get the last biocode installer from Dr. Akatsuki. He found the doctor and his 2 sons, Akira and Hikaru, in the lab, but was confronted by Spider-Man. After a brief fight, Spider-Man tossed Crimson Dynamo out of the window, where he plummeted to the ground below. He was not seen again afterwards, but presumably he was returned to his DISK when Loki recalled his army.[1]

Crimson Dynamo was next seen during a battle with the Avengers at a construction site, where War Machine's DISK had ended up. Crimson Dynamo fought Thor and actually managed to hold his own against the Asgardian god. When Akira D-smashed War Machine to even the odds, Crimson Dynamo was forced to retreat into his DISK again.[2]

After Loki was initially defeated and the Celebrity Five arrested, Crimson Dynamo's DISK ended up in the hands of Red Skull. When Red Skull started his master plan to destroy the Earth, he gave Crimson Dynamo's DISK to M.O.D.O.K. in order to defend one of the 5 bases needed for his plan. M.O.D.O.K. released Crimson Dynamo along with Whiplash so they could stop Iron Man, Akira, and Falcon from reaching the base, but Falcon managed to defeat both villains.[3]

It's not shown what became of them after M.O.D.O.K. was defeated, but evidently Crimson Dynamo was at some point D-secured again since his DISK somehow ended up in the hands of Tim Gilliam. When fighting the Avengers over a computer chip in Loki's old palace, Tim D-smashed Crimson Dynamo along with Blizzard. Crimson Dynamo first fought against Captain America and Wasp, and was able to shrug off their attacks. When Hulk joined the fight and he and Cap teamed up for their Gamma Catapult attack, Crimson Dynamo was defeated and recalled to his DISK by Tim.[4]

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