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Anton Vanko was a Russian physicist who defected from his native country and came to be employed by Stark Industries.[1] In 1946, he assisted Edwin Jarvis and SSR agent Peggy Carter in investigating the theft of the volatile substance nitramene from Howard Stark and directed the pair to a Roxxon facility.[2]

Vanko later helped Stark design the Arc Reactor, but some time in the 1960s Stark had him deported when it became clear that Vanko was working for money rather than for the benefit of humanity. When he couldn't deliver for his homeland, Vanko was shipped to Siberia. Anton fell into alcoholism and eventually degenerated into a sickly wreck, leaving little of his legacy to his equally intelligent son Ivan. He passed away in Moscow shortly after Howard Stark's son, Tony Stark, publicly revealed himself as Iron Man.[1]

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