Anton Vanko was a Russian engineer creator of the Whiplash Harness and Whiplash Armor.

Armor Wars

Vanko's decided to take revenge on Iron Man after being led to believe that Iron Man had attacked his village. Vanko alongside Crimson Dynamo and Yellowjacket joined together to attack the Avengers Academy.

When he was finally able to confront Iron Man, Iron Man defeated him and explained that he didn't intend to attack his village, he was just flying over when his armor was hacked by someone and he wasn't able to stop it, Iron Man would then offer the Avengers Academy help to find the true orchestrator of the attack. Vanko accepted the help and joined the Avengers Academy.

Later due to Iron Lad's help, they were able to learn that Iron Lad's future self Kang, was the one that hacked the armor. Kang influenced Vanko, Crimson Dynamo and Yellowjacket to attack Iron Man and the Avengers, that way Kang would have his revenge from his previous defeat at their hands. [1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Anton Vanko (Whiplash) of Earth-616.



Seemingly those of the Anton Vanko (Whiplash) of Earth-616.

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