In this new universe, Franklin made a recreation of Anton Vanko, the inventor of the Crimson Dynamo Armor. Not much is known about the Counter-Earth version of Vanko, except that he wears his own version of the Crimson Dynamo armor. In this reality, it is unknown if Vanko himself invented it or if it was provided for him.

He is first seen in recent history teaming with the Titanium Man as a defender of Russia. When Iron Man and Rebel O'Reilly travel over Russian airspace to get to Hydra's headquarters, the two briefly battle the Dynamo and Titanium Man. Iron Man easily defeats them with the superior technology of his Prometheum Armor.

Later, the Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man are hired by the Black Knight to join the Masters of Evil. Their first mission is to accompany the Black Knight to the Baxter Building and seek an audience with Dr. Doom, attempting to take over Counter-Earth. They instead find a Doombot waiting for them who kills all three men on Doom's orders.

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