Quote1 --You have incurred the wrath of Doom!! And that wrath will be delivered via me, his proxy... Antonio the Doombot!! Quote2
-- Antonio the Doombot src

When the alien device that powered the artificial environment of the Savage Land became compromised, its administrators lured groups of computer students from all over the world in an attempt to find help to stabilize the machine. One of these groups came from Latveria. As part of the standard Latverian problem-solving techniques, the students began to build a Doombot. Nancy Whitehead, an American student that befriended one of the Latverians, Stefan Klossner, suggested naming the Doombot "Antonio."[1]

When Stefan, Nancy, and Nancy's friend Doreen Green stumbled upon a Dinosaur Ultron that turned out to be the cause of the alien device's malfunctions, Stefan activated Antonio so it could defeat Ultron. Antonio subsequently joined forces with Squirrel Girl, Doreen's superheroic alter-ego. Unfortunately, Antonio was eventually destroyed by Ultron, who assimilated some of its components into its body.[2]

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