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Antonio Aggasiz was a Brazilian mutant who was captured by an arms dealer/terrorist named Volga. Under death threat towards his family; Aggasiz would act as a interdimensional tech thief picking and nicking any and every kind of weapon, gadget or item of interest from the various alter realities for the enigmatic weaponer. on various earths he would find and test: a virulent musical number from a universe of sentient melodies, a fleshprinter made by a race called libervores and a stick of bubblegum packed with picotech which prevents rejection.

But the real kickoff item he found which peaked his employers interest, was a power bestowal formula which he pinched from Earth-1287 that temporarily bestowed people with trans-human abilities, before they suffered a fatal coronary. As it turned out Volga would eventually betray his word when he tested it's effects on Antonio's family.[1] Soon after this revelation he ran but was eventually captured again and taken to a mutant internment camp located in northwestern Brazil He was located by Psylocke and with the rest of X-Force they traveled there to find him and learn what his connection was to Volga.

Antonio Aggasiz (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 4 3 004

Antonio's incinerated body.

Psylocke's reading told her that Aggasiz possessed the ability of dimensional teleportation, but that was all she could get as the place he was being held at was being blocked by psi-dampeners. The team managed to infiltrate the base with Betsy killing almost every soldier in her way, only to be confronted with seeing multiple mutants being held in holding cells.

But there was no sign of Aggassiz until Meme was able to hack into the compounds computer system to find him. He was being held in a separate chamber strapped to a chair. Besty had shut down the psi-damps while Cable approached Antonio. Antonio was very paranoid and told them to stay away from him. But Cable insisted to ask him how he ended up there, but all Antonio could do was scream out the name of his captor, Volga.

Cable then turned around to see Volga come into the room floating in a green colored sphere, and started to fire concussive blasts at the members of X-Force. After that he turned his attention to Antonio and fired a powerful concentrated energy blast incinerating him on the spot.[2]

In order to find out what it was Antonio knew before he was flash fried the X-Force Team would enlist the help of another member from a different covert operations team in France, his name being Le Necrogateur, to delve into his past life and experiences before he died. Revealing a host of details from the various worlds that he stole various applied sciences from plus an eerie theme playing repeatedly in the echos of his wake "When it comes your time to die...Sing your death song and die like a hero going home."[3]


Dimensional Teleportation: Antonio was a mutant with the ability to psionically open up dimensional rifts allowing him to teleport himself and possibly other people from one place to another whether it be a location or alternate dimension.

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