A warlord in Central America, El Toro led a group of rebels in overtaking the Central American nation of Santo Rico. Ruling the nation with an iron fist, he was largely ignored by the outside world.

El Toro (Earth-58163) 0001

His original form

Following Magnetos rise to power, he was forced to rid himself of insane mutant brothers Lionel Jeffries and Madison Jeffries. Sending them to Santo Rico, they quickly took over the country and enslaved the humans there in the surrounding gold mines. El Toro was mutated by Lionel into a bull-like form and left in a cage in front of the nation's capitol as an example to the humans.

Later, seeking a nation to overtake and create into a human sanctuary, the Hood chose Santo Rico. Alongside his criminal army, the Hood conquered the small nation. Coming across El Toro, he chose to kill the former warlord to end his suffering.

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