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El Toro, Santo Rico's first super agent, was an early opponent of Henry Pym, then crusading against Communist agents as Giant-Man. He had rigged an election to become president of Santo Rico, but he was swiftly defeated by Giant-Man and the Wasp. [2]

Later, he was recruited by Madame X for the Bratislava Complex. El Toro acted as Madame X's aide, bodyguard, and second in command of the Bratislava-based People's Defense Force. [3]

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El Toro possesses no true superhuman powers, but his primary weapon is the pair of horns incorporated in his costume, with which he charges his opponents. A toxin in the horns is injected when El Toro strikes, inducing unconsciousness and possibly death. An antidote restores the victim to consciousness; 14 doses are carried by El Toro in a protective pocket. His costume gives protection against physical attack, and his helmet gives his head increased protection and absorbs damage from his butting attacks.

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