A Shadow-Dweller known to have existed in ancient Egypt, he was known as Anubis, a feared entity who inspired the act of embalming the dead, in an effort to keep his poisons inside the bodies of the dead.

In recent times he was active in the Soviet Union, working in a lab to develop a virus strain that the Russians could use if war ever broke out with the US. When Doctor Zero used his powers to force the leader of the installation to shut down operations and declare the operation a failure, Anubis (now calling himself Anubich) killed the man and ingested the virus into his own system. Wanting to spread it as far as possible, he escaped the base and headed toward a populated area. Tracked by Zero and his ally Gregor Gerasimov, Anubis was eventually halted in his progress by Gerasimov, while Zero tried to cure a family that Anubis had infected with the virus. Eventually catching up to Anubis, Zero altered Anubis's cells so that they were no longer immune to the virus, causing him to succumb to the disease he had attempted to spread.


Was immune to (presumably) all diseases until his cells were altered by Doctor Zero. He was forced to ingest the disease, but could then transfer it, at will, to others. He also had the abilities shared by all Shadow-Dwellers, including increased strength and an expanded lifespan.

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