Araña took over the order of seers Madame Web belonged to after her death. She covertly provided information to the Hobgoblin about the Black Tarantula during their pending gang war.[1]

Araña had her own plans for the Black Tarantula, and kidnapped his beloved Spider-Girl after an explosion, imprinting her mind onto Mayday's body in an attempt to get close to the Tarantula.[2] She was then injured in a fight and saved by the Tarantula who still had feelings for her.[3] She entered into a relationship with the tarantula and stayed by his side despite admitting that she might kill him depending on how his criminal career went.[4] Thanks to the Tarantula she was saved when his base of operations in New York was bombed[5] and then tried to convince him to give up his life of crime.[6]

She continued trying to convince him to leave his criminal dealing behind, especially those in New York but the Black Tarantula continued his attempts to solidify his rule for a time.[7] She was then attacked and easily knocked out by Mayhem who had been hired to kill the Tarantula by one of his competitors,[8] after which the Tarantula took her to her temple to heal and proposed to her[8] the two then left New York for South America together to be married and start a family with the Tarantula having handed over the title of Kingpin to Man Mountain Marko.[9]


Seemingly those of the Anya Corazon of Earth-616.

  • Araña publicly became a hero sometime after Spider-Man retired.[10]
  • For some reason, she was missing from the Spider-Verse War.

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