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Anya Derevkova

Near the end of the year 1942, Nick Fury and his men were dispatched to Nazi held Yugoslavia to investigate where a set of mysterious train tracks led, and were given strict orders not to engage the enemy. This proved impossible as they were spotted right away and the Howlers were forced to battle the enemy. During the conflict they also crossed paths with Anya Derevkova one of Russia's earliest Black Widow operatives, who joined them on their mission. Battling their way to the end of the line, they found that the rail tracks led to a massive fortress under the command of Baron Zemo who was trying to construct a nuclear weapon. The Howlers and the Black Widow destroyed the experiment and defeated Zemo. However they were betrayed by Derevkova who sought to steal the plans and return them to Russia. Fury and his men tracked her to a nearby airfield and boarded the plane she commandeered and recovered the plans.[1]


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