Apache was the faithful stallion of the original Rawhide Kid who was active during the days of the American Frontier. The horse rode him from place to place where the hero and his young sidekick Randy Clayton fought outlaws and righted wrongs across the Old West[1].

The horse took the Kid to such places as Last Chance, Texas[1], Hondo, Tumbleweed[2], the Valley of 1000 Shadows, Del Oro[3], Jackspir[4] before the horse brought him to Shotgun City where the hero lived for the remainder of his career[5]. However the horse also brought the Rawhide Kid to places outside of Shotgun City, such as Fort Slater[6], Mesquite[7], Poncho[8], and Laramee[9].

Apache was an intelligent horse who could follow complex commands, such as the time when the Rawhide Kid found himself tied up by rustlers along Shadow Gaps. He ordered Apache to get help and the horse returned with the Kid's ward Randy Clayton and Shotgun City sheriff Ben Yarby who freed the Kid[8].

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