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War of the Realms

Rosa's ultimate fate is unknown but, during the War of the Realms in modern day, her ghost was called by the Demon Rider, the Sorcerer Supreme from the 1800s. The Demon Rider had been summoned to the present by Thor's sister Laussa for protection. To this end, the Demon Rider called the spirits of Apache Kid and other heroes from their time. The ghosts encountered Laussa's protectors, her "Babysitters Club," in the Wild West-themed amusement park Six Gun Territory. A fight broke out since the spirits couldn't properly communicate their intention, until Druid's magic allowed him to understand that Laussa was the reason for their presence.[6] After the Demon Rider made herself present and clarified that the undead warriors intended to pledge their allegiance to Laussa, they all rode out of the town to take part in the War of the Realm's final battle.[7]

Powers and Abilities

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Rosa was a trained Apache warrior, an expert in tracking, scouting, and horsemanship. She was also a highly skilled gunfighter, able to outdraw and kill the men responsible for the Apache Kid's death.



She wielded pistols and rifles in battle. She also carries a large knife.


She rode a horse

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