The Ape-Men as they were known are early hominids from Human evolution.

Early times

For information on the early and the pre-humans, please consult the following pages:

Paul Harper

Paul Harper traveled back in time and was chased by Ape Men. He theorized that avalanches could have trapped a few Ape Men in suspended animation for millions of years. When finally thawed, they could account for [at least some of] the Abominable Snowman sightings in the present day.[1]

Savage Land

They were taken to the Savage Land by the Nuwali. They have thrived while in the rest of the world they became extinct. They have attacked Ka-Zar and Zabu but only when they came into their territory.[1][2]


Type of Government: Tribal
Level of Technology: Primitive
Representatives: Grog, Barry

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