The mobster known as the Ape was a ruthless mobster who was active during the 1950s. In 1954 he took over the Gorki Gang just after they succeeded in robbing an insurance pay out en route to millionaire Joseph Carlisle. Carlisle was a miserly man who owned a number of hazardous tenement buildings in New York City, whose only loves were money and his son Dan. Seeing a much more lucrative scheme, the Ape and his newly acquired mob kidnapped Carlisle's son in order to hold him for ransom.

This kidnapping set the Human Torch and Toro after him as they were already investigating the number of fires that had destroyed a number of Carlisle's tenements. Tracking the Ape to his hideout, the Torch attempted to rescue Dan but found himself trapped in an air tight well, the Ape then fled to one of Carlisle's tenements. When the Torch was freed by his partner Toro, the pair tracked down the Ape again. During the battle the building caught fire, and the Ape attempted to use Dan as a human shield to keep the heroes at bay.

Becoming fearful of the growing flames, the Ape abandoned the boy and attempted to jump out a nearby window to safety. As they were many stories up the Ape instead fell to his death. In the aftermath, the Torch and Toro returned Dan to his father, who realized the danger of the buildings he owned and had them demolished, building safe homes for his tenants.


The Ape carried a gun.

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