Doctor Karlbad was performing grotesque experiments in an unnamed western town with a trained gorilla that he acquired from a travelling carnival. The doctor was seeking to transfer the brain of a human into the body of the ape. To accomplish this he sent the ape out into town in the dead of night to find a human test subject. The Ape came back with the Rawhide Kid, but the Kid was soon able to escape and alert the authorities to Karlbad. Upon discovering the Kid's escape, Karlbad and the Ape fled into the wild to escape capture.

The Ape soon reappeared, and went on a crime spree, causing terror wherever he appeared.The Rawhide Kid pursued the Ape, but suspected that Karlbad had placed his own brain inside of the Ape. The Ape attacked a wagon,kidnapped a child. Eventually, the Kid caught up to the Ape and rescued the boy, and followed Ape back to Karlbad. The Ape realized it was being followed, and when the Kid tried to cross over a tree bridge, it knocked the tree off then hurled boulders after the Kid but he survived. The Kid caught up to the Ape at the cave where it hid. Karlbad shot at the Kid from within the cave, and the Kid demanded Karlbad's surrender. The Ape emerged, and turned itself in but there was no sign of Karlbad. The Kid brought the Ape back to Karlbad's daughter Virginia, and did not tell her what he suspected. Little did the Kid realize that Karlbad had exited the cave through a secret back entrance, and was waiting to rescue the Ape. [1]




The Ape possessed better than human strength, speed, dexterity and stamina.



An entry for the Ape appeared in Marvel Westerns Outlaw Files #1

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