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1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons (Earth-92131)

Apocalypse's pyramid was constructed in Cairo, Egypt around 1200 BC. The pyramid incorporated advanced technology and housed the Lazarus Chamber that rejuvenated Apocalypse. Every few hundred years Apocalypse needed to return to the pyramid to sustain his longevity. The original pyramid stood until 3999 AD, but Cable, X-Men, and Archangel used Graymalkin to travel back in time to just after the completion of the pyramid to destroy it at its inception.[2][3]

Apocalypse's Pyramid in Cairo

Earth-10005's dystopian future averted (Earth-TRN414)

Apocalypse's pyramid was constructed by a young En Sabah Nur using telekinesis on the sight that would later become Cairo, Egypt.[4] The tyrant Apocalypse used the technology within the pyramid to transfer his essence into a new mutant body allowing him to accumulate various mutant powers and live multiple life times. It was during one of these transferring ceremonies that the peasants, tired of being subjugated, attacked Apocalypse and Horsemen, destroying the temple and burying them within the sands. Centuries later, Apocalypse was awoken in the 1980's. Disturbed with what the world had become, he tried formed his Horsemen, rebuilt his pyramid, and attempted to cleanse the planet.[5]


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1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons (Earth-92131)

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