Apocalypse's origins are unrevealed. He was the leader of the cult Demon-Fire, which worshipped "Lucifer" or some other demon, and gained power by allowing demons to enter their forms. He sought to take over the amusement park of Howie Rivers in Gallow's Bend in Nevada.

When Amanda Saint and Morbius arrived in Gallow's Bend, he sent his agents, Death-Flame, Reaper, Rigor, and Phineas T. Coroner to stop them. When they failed, he confronted them himself and summoned the rest of the cult to destroy them. Rivers, however, arrived in time to help and, along with Sagebrush Robbins, packed the park with dynamite and blew Demon-Fire to smithereens. Apocalypse was blown apart[1].


Apocalypse possessed a variety of mystic powers granted by his merging with or possession by a demon. His left hand could be described as Satan's swiss army knife. He could fire energy blasts, summon the rest of the cult, and laugh off shotgun blasts at close range. He could not laugh off dynamite. He also could take on human form.

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