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Quote1 We are the heirs of Archangel, rightful servants of this era! We've returned to claim our throne! Because unlike you...we do not bend our knees. Quote2

Uriel and Eimin, known as the Apocalypse Twins, were the two mutant children of Pestilence of the Final Horsemen and Archangel, the former heir of Apocalypse. They were meant to lead Clan Akkaba. Fearing what they would become, Kang the Conqueror abducted the Twins as babies to raise as his own,[2][3] but his cruelty led them to betray him.[4]

The Twins planned a mutant rapture.[5] They stole Jarnbjorn, a weapon that can cut Celestial armor, from Kang's Trophy Room to assassinate a Gardener,[1] inciting the Celestials to destroy Earth and indirectly all of Earth's futures, including Kang's and Immortus'.[6] To ensure their success, they used Life and Death Seeds from the Gardener to create the Four Horsemen of Death[7] and a Tachyon Dam to prevent Kang or Immortus from interferring.[6] Meanwhile, they had the Scarlet Witch bring all mutants to the Akkaba Ark, sparing them from Celestial judgment, so they could be delivered to a new paradise, Planet X.[5][8][9]

The Twins had initially won[10] but were thwarted through the combined efforts of Kang, his Chronos Corps, and the Avengers Unity Division. As it turned out, their betrayal was part of Kang's even more convoluted plan to obtain the omnipotence of a Celestial. In the end, the Twins and Kang were both defeated and the Twins were killed.[11]


Nathaniel Richards (Kang) (Earth-6311) and the Apocalypse Twins (Earth-616) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 5 001

Kang abducting the Twins from Clan Akkaba

During the Dark Angel Saga, the Horseman of Pestilence Ichisumi became pregnant with Archangel's heirs.[12] Some time after Archangel's defeat, Ichisumi gave birth to the twins Uriel and Eimin under the North Pole at Akkaba Metropolis. Despite being guarded by Clan Akkaba, they were kidnapped by Kang the Conqueror and disappeared into the timestream.[2] While growing up, Kang was extremely cruel to them and did unspeakable things such as sending them to mutant concentration camps as children and forcing Uriel to slash his own sister's eyes.[4]

The Twins reappeared in the modern era, when Genocide, son of Apocalypse, contacted a Celestial Gardener. He hoped to receive the Death Seed and replace Apocalypse as Archangel had. As the Gardener judged his worth, Uriel and Eimin appeared. Using the axe Jarnbjorn, Uriel killed the Gardener. Together, he and Eimin defeated Genocide's forces. They then attacked the Peak.[1] They next travelled with Thor and Sunfire to Akkaba City. Seeing how most of Clan Akkaba was depowered, they killed most of them and destroyed the city.[13] The Twins used Life Seeds and Death Seeds harvested from the Gardener to resurrect Sentry, Banshee, Grim Reaper, and Daken as the Four Horsemen of Death.[7]

Ragnarok Now[]

The Twins framed the Earth for the death of the Celestial Gardener so that Exitar the Executioner would arrive to the planet and destroy it.[8] This was part of their vengeance against their father as they wanted to eliminate the Earth and all of its futures, thus erasing Kang's kingdom.[6] Thanks to their Tachyon Dam, neither Kang nor Immortus could travel to the past to stop the Twins.[7][6] The Apocalypse Twins convinced the Scarlet Witch to cast a spell in order to bring every mutant to their Ark to ensure the survival of mutantkind while humanity died with the Earth, so that mutants could live in paradise on Planet X.[5][14]

The Apocalypse Twins had won. The Earth was destroyed, all its futures were erased, and the mutants were sent to live on Planet X. However, Kang's Chronos Corps undid the Twins' victory. For more information on the original events, see Apocalypse Twins (Earth-13133).
In a divergent timeline, their plan would have succeeded, but intervention from Kang and his Chronos Corps sent the minds of the Avengers Unity Division back in time, bypassing the Twins' Tachyon Dam, to thwart their plan.[15] In this new timeline, Exitar was killed before he could destroy the Earth and Kang revealed that it was all his plan to gain the power of a Celestial.[16] As Havok was fighting Kang to stop him from stealing the Celestial's power, Sunfire used part of the absorbed energy of the Celestial to destroy the Apocalypse Twins and their Ark. Daken and Grim Reaper, the two remaining Horsemen under the service of the Twins, managed to get back to Earth along with the Twins' corpses.[17]






  • The Twins consider the current Angel to be a "fraud" of their true father (Archangel).[18]
  • Kang had spent hundreds of years, going forwards and backwards in time thousands of times, in trying to prevent the advent of the Twins before kidnapping them.[2] In many timelines, he was killed by them.[3]

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