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Apollo 11 was the N.A.S.A. spaceflight that landed the first two Humans on the Moon. The crew consisted of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins all Americans.


In 1969 A.D., on July 16, Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin the first men on the moon.[1]

The crew were unaware that his mission was jeopardized by the Skrulls, aliens trying to undermine the space program on Earth as part of a future invasion. This plot was thwarted by the First Line a group of American super-heroes who were active in the late 20th century.[2]

It is now permanently display in the main entryway's Milestones of Flight gallery at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.[1]

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