Apollyon the Destroyer was allegedly "the last and greatest U-Man" and exterminated various competing species on the commands of Sublime/Beast.[1]

Constantly wishing to feel "whole" by drinking the Phoenix Blood, Apollyon was eventually betrayed by Beast who admitted he has no interest in helping Apollyon, only himself.[2]

After Beast battled the X-Men and was defeated, Apollyon exacted his revenge, swiftly beheading his former master as soon as he was purged from Sublime by Jean Grey.[2]


Thanks to his mutant grafts and his equipment, Apollyon possess various powers including:

  • Some fans believed that Apollyon could be Fantomex,[3][4][5][6] due to multiple things:
    • 1) Throughout the storyline, E.V.A. (Fantomex's external nervous system) mentions on multiple occasions how she and Fantomex were separated and how long it has been.[7][1]
    • 2) Conversely, Apollyon is driven by a unrelenting feeling of being "incomplete".[2]
    • 3) Ultimately when the two characters come face to face, E.V.A is wounded and her final words are a muzzled murmur of "Ffzzzzzannnggommzzzk??? Izzi That U ?" (which translates to; "Fantomex, is that you?")[2]
  • But all those points can be interpreted in as well sensed ways:
    • 1) Fantomex could be dead, as simple.
    • 2) It is clearly stated that Apollyon is the last of the U-Men, humans using mutant grafts, and himself clearly state that he wants to be made "whole" (or "perfect")[1] using mutant parts or the Phoenix (like his blood),[2] even stating "I was to be made perfect. [...] Must I remain broken, unfinished? Can't I have frontal lobe gratfs? All my life I've dreamed of Phoenix grafts".[1]
    • 3) Dying E.V.A. could be having the classic pre-death delirium, seeing dead relatives, unrelated to Apollyon's actions.
  • It was confirmed that Fantomex was dead and consequently that Apollyon wasn't him, in the New X-Men #155 "X-Pressions" section (letters page).[8]

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