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Danny was one of the ESPeople, six individuals given a variety of mental powers by the White Event. Dan could manipulate the senses of others.

They hid themselves away in an old house near the Canadian border, but were moved to act when fellow paranormal Dave Landers stumbled into the vicinity pursued by bounty hunters from the Clinic for Paranormal Research. They rescued Landers and offered him sanctuary, but he insisted that he had to go back to the clinic and save his friends (the DP7). Walt placed a mental block in Landers' mind, causing him to forget the ESPeople's existence, as a safety precaution, which had the side effect of causing Landers to become immune to the mental powers of any other paranormal.[1]

Later, the ESPeople encountered the lost and wandering Nightmask, who had been psychically shocked by trying to enter Landers' mental block, but they also removed his memory of the encounter.[2]

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