Origins and early years

According to ancient legends, Apsû was the embodiment of fresh water below the earth's surface.

She mated with dragon-like Tiamat (also known as Leviathan, the primeval embodiment of the sea,[2] or primordial sea)[4] mated with , giving birth to the first two Annunaki: Lahmu and Lahamu.[5][2] They also sired Kingu.[6]

Their grandchild Anu matured, became the Annunaki Sky Father, and sired a new generation of Annunaki with Gaea.[5][2]

Annunaki Civil War

Apsû grew annoyed by the younger generations, and planned to destroy them, but was preemptively killed by Ea, enraging Tiamat and Kingu, and leading to a prolonged civil war.[2]

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