Aqhat was an Mesopotamian demigod.[2][3]

Modern days

He allied himself with fellow Mesopotamian god Marduk and with Oceanic god of evil Whiro among the subversive organization Everlasting, Marduk intending to set off a violent international war allowing him to claim enough souls to completely regain his godhood.[3]


In 1953, in Buenos Aires, Aqhat killed Nazi scientist Johann Weimer whom Citizen V (Paulette Brazee) had just captured, and was himself killed by her, not before cryptically revealing his affiliation.

The V-Battalion spent two years trying to understand his bow and arrows, before relinquishing it to a museum in Israel (as both "Aqhat" and the bow were based on Hebrew mythology).[1]

Recent days

In 2002, Aqhat resurfaced, stealing the bow from the museum.

He was then spotted three weeks later in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where he attacked Citizen V (John Watkins III) as he was destroying weapons the Everlasting intended for ULTIMATUM.[1]



Cognizant-Regenetative: Aqhat could reincarnate into new body, with his powers living on.[5]


He was stated to have physical skills on par with Citizen V (John Watkins III)'s.[1]


Bow and black-energy arrows[1] crafted by Kothar-wa-Khasis,[citation needed] and who could be fired only by Aqhat's unique properties.[1]

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