Namora was a member of the Agents of Atlas who opposed the occupation of Metropolitia by it's leader Baron Zemo. She and the other Agents attacked a train during the night to free the prisoners who were being transported to Zemos's castle to be experimented on. In order to get the locomotive to come to a full stop, Namora broke the bridge in half as she flew through the air.

All of a sudden the occupants of the train broke out of the holding area revealing that they had already been transformed into Zemo's Weapon X. Namora battled against the creatures until teammate Venus used her vocal abilities to put them under her spell while Marvel Boy transferred them aboard his flying saucer. But Venus accidentally put Namora and the team under her spell also causing them to leave something behind for Zemo to catch them on.

Namora breaking the bridge

Later on Namora and the others transported into Director Coulson's office as Gorilla-Man was in a meeting with him. Namora revealed that Grayson implanted a suggestion into Coulson's head making him believe that they were not there. She then led the team to Zemo's main base in order to rescue their kidnapped leader Jimmy Woo. Hale found him, but was killed by Zemo's son Helmut who transformed into the new Gorilla-Man after the curse was passed on to him.

Namora revealed to the boy the reason for his new look, but they were then intercepted by more Weapon X mutates after Helmut sounded off the alarm. Namora and the Agents battled their way through the complex until they were confront by the Baron himself. Zemo shot and killed Coulson, but was killed himself after Venus manipulated him which caused him to fall off the tower. As Woo put the burden of leadership unto the new Baron, Namora carried Colson's body aboard the saucer as they disappeared into thin air.[1]


Seemingly those of the Aquaria Neptunia of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Aquaria Neptunia of Earth-616.

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