The past history of Namora of Earth-9904 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart until the early 1950's. In this reality she would be sought out by FBI Agent Jimmy Woo, who was gathering a group of super-heroes to help him battle the international terrorist Yellow Claw. To this end, Namora would aid Jimmy and 3-D Man to recover the deactivated body of M-11 the so-called Human Robot, from the bottom of San Francisco Bay. She happened to know the robot's location due to the fact that she and her cousin Namor had had come across it some time earlier. After helping 3-D Man bring the robot to the surface, she would part company to search for her cousin, who had been missing for some time.[1]

The ultimate fate of Namora remains unrevealed, but it's likely she was killed when Immortus used the Forever Crystal to erase Earth-9904 from existence.[2]


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Like on Earth-616, Namora's cousin Namor was struck with amnesia, thus explaining why he was missing during the time of Namora's appearance. If Namor continued to follow his ordained fate in the same way as on Earth-616 prior to Immortus erasing Earth-9904 is unrevealed, but likely.

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