Aquarius (Earth-101001)

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Aquarius attached itself to the JSDF's Sat.1 recon satellite. When authorities attempted to get a visual using Sat.3, its camera was severely damaged by Aquarius. Using it's ability to project radiation, it utilized the Sat.1's solar panels to direct energy directly down at the Arc Station only for the building's shielding to deflect the radiation into the surrounding area, spreading radiation poisoning amongst the populace.

Aquarius soon took physical action when Tony launched himself into the stratosphere in order to combat it. In the ensuing battle, Aquarius gained an early upper hand with a surprise attack, even managing to disable Tony and draw him into itself, but the victory was short lived as Tony blasted his way out and soon finished off Aquarius.

Powers and Abilities


Unlike many of the Zodiac members preceding it, Aquarius seemed surprisingly frail, easily taking damage even from just one of Tony's repulsors and taking only a single volley of both hand repulsors to destroy it despite being of comparable, if not greater size than even the largest of its allies.



Aquarius Mechanical Body: Aquarius possessed a massive, spider-like form, each leg capable of being used in combat and containing a thruster for its propulsion. Its main body, much like its name, bears similarity to a large pot or container which connected to the JSDF's Sat.1 recon satellite. It was equipped with several spout like structures on its body which could fire tracking missiles. Seemingly designed for a zero gravity environment, Aquarius had multiple eyes over its body to see in every direction and its thin legs were unlikely to support it on the ground.


Irradiated Photon Beam: Using the solar panels on Sat.1, Aquarius transmitted a form of radiation poisoning from a chamber contained within its body. The effects of the sickness were seemingly terminal in the long run, causing a loss of consciousness and expulsion of a blue fluid from the mouth. It could also bring targets into itself to attack them with this weapon directly and with much more potency.

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