Aquarius was one of the several members of Vernon Jacobs' incarnation of the Zodiac.

When Pisces stole Peter Parker's personal Webware, which possessed special privileges and access to restricted data caches from his company Parker Industries, the device was taken to Aquarius' base to have its data decrypted.

Spider-Man and the Prowler infiltrated the base and tried to get back the device before its data could be analysed. When they were detected, Aquarius sent the data still encrypted to every Zodiac base and activated the base's self-destruct fail-safe.[1]

Aquarius was later captured by a S.H.I.E.L.D. strike team led by Melinda May in an underwater base in the South Pacific.[2]


Hydrokinesis: Aquarius has shown the ability to control water currents, it seems the gauntlets in her hands provide her with this ability.[2]

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