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The Aqueos was a vampire sect composed of at least three distinct supernatural races:

  • Vampires, or Vampire Aqueos: Vampirized Atlanteans, Lemurians, and other undersea peoples, whose eyes was forcibly removed during the Ritual of All-Seeing.[3] The Aqueos are mostly Atlanteans, and it is a common mistake to consider them all Atlanteans.[1]
    • Over time, ancient Aqueos become dependent on others for feeding, but their eldritch energy strenghtened the Aqueos drone warriors when they were near.[3] Namor stated that they were the very first Aqueos.[1]
  • Vampirized Faceless Ones.
  • An unidentified "other" type, believed to be connected to an ancient, otherwordly evil,[3] the ancient "things" who woke in the aftermaths of the sinking of Atlantis.[1]

They also used vampirized sea animals, such as (giant)[4] squids, sharks, eels, lampreys, modern dunkleosteus relatives, and possibly whales.[3]


Origins, circa 18,000 B.C.

Circa 18,000 B.C., after the sinking of Atlantis and Deviant Lemuria, the first of the Aqueos were formed of Sh'g'th tissue, created by "beings from the stars",[5] the extradimensional Great Old Ones, who built massive evil cities such as R'lyeh but were eventually defeated by the early Atlanteans[6] ("Homo mermanus").

The Aqueos came to include vampirized Atlanteans, Lemurians and other undersea peoples, vampirized Faceless Ones, and other underwater species such as (giant)[4] squids, sharks, eels, lampreys, modern dunkleosteus relatives, and possibly whales.

They inhabited city of R'llyeh, the "Seven World of the Ancients", the "Cellar of the Earth", rumored to be the "First Atlantis".[3]

18th century-early 19th century

In the 18th century-early 19th century, Atlantean emperor Immanu ordered Amra, the royal Logomancer, to create a spell to destroy the Aqueos though over-salinization. The spell, requiring Orichalc, whale's tooth, meteorite dust and the full blood of an Atlantean king, was left incomplete by Amra, and picked up, enhanced and adjusted by the successive logomancers.[3]

20th century

In 1958, emperor Thakorr (Immanu's son) led troops against the Aqueos, but was completely defeated: a sole soldier, the woman later known as the Oudvrou, survived, left one-eyed. Believed dead, Thakorr was in fact turned into an Aqueos and became their Highlord, while a "Shallow Peace" was established between themselves and the Atlanteans. From then, Aqueos satiated themselves by performing silentraids upon Atlantis, rarely witnessed.[3]

Modern Age

It is unknown if the Montesi Formula, that temporarly eradicated the vampires from the surface, had any effect on the Aqueos.[3]

The Aqueos, represented by an emissary known as "Atlantis", attended the vampire gathering, which takes place once every century. They helped Xarus assassinate his father, Dracula.[7] They allied themselves with the surface vampires and helped in the attack of Utopia, by attacking New Atlantis which supports the island. The Atlanteans try to defend their home, but even their elite team the Tridents were unsuccessful. Many of the members such as Husni and Husam were converted and joined the invasion. Eventually, most of the Aqueos were destroyed when Namor cast a ritual spell that added excess salt to the waters, purging them. The remaining Aqueos again fell under the detante of the Shallow Peace, while being incorporated within Atlantis' dominion.[8]

Powers and Abilities


They have all the abilities and weaknesses of the surface living vampire. They can convert Atlanteans and humans into vampire much like their surface cousins. They have the advantage over the surface dwellers as sun-light can not reach the deepest depths of the ocean.[4]





Earth gravity


Oxygen/nitrogen rich liquid atmosphere


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Husam, Husni, Thakorr, "Atlantis"



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