Quote1 Crime has ruined enough families in this city Quote2
-- Arácnido src
Arácnido, Jr. (Earth-15349) from Spider-Verse Vol 1 2 0001

Arácnido unmasked

The boy who would become Arácnido was the son of a wrestler of the same name. At some point he had developed spider-like powers.

One day, his father was severely injured due unnecessary roughness by another wrestler, with fellow wrestler Escorpión not helping despite his cries for help. Before going to hospital, the boy went to the locker rooms where he saw Escorpión being paid for letting Arácnido get hurt. Arácnido would later die from his injuries. The boy then declared "This can not stand." and embarked on a life of vigilantism.


Known as the super hero Arácnido, the boy became the protector of Mexico City. Two years after his father's death, he tracked down the kidnapped daughter of an actor and rescued her.

He would later be recruited into the Spider-Army.[1]


Seemingly those of Peter Parker (Earth-616).


Seemingly those of Peter Parker (Earth-616).


  • Web-Slinging

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