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Araña is Anya Corazon, the last in a nine-hundred-year line of hunters, touched by blood and magic, protecting the world from equally ancient enemies, striving towards a new Dark Age where they will rule supreme. She must stop them... and bring her grades up to at least a B+ or her dad won't let her go for her driver's test next year.

Araña descends down upon a group of Brooklyn toughs hanging out in an alleyway. She summons the mystical carapace that accentuates her strength and power and beats them all up. Araña's sponsor, Miguel questions the punks about the activities of an appellate court judge named Thomas Bander. The thugs admit to nothing in regards to Bander.

Miguel contacts his computer guru, Ted, and asks him to hack into courthouse records to see what kind of dirt he can dig up on Bander. Ted discovers that Bander has connections to an organization known as the Sisterhood of the Wasp.

That night, Miguel and Araña stake out the courthouse. They know that Bander is going to return to steal more courthouse documents in relation to the Sisterhood. Araña breaks in and confronts Bander. Bander pulls a gun and tries to shoot her, but her carapace protects her from harm. But now they have to wade through Bander's henchmen.

Miguel, seeing the men enter the courthouse uses his own mysterious super-powers to get inside and help Araña. They beat back all of the goons, but Bander gets away.

Later, Araña returns home to have a simple dinner with her father. Her father is a writer for a major newspaper and is currently working on a piece involving Judge Bander. Arana is reluctant to say anything or else risk revealing her connection to Bander. Her father doesn’t know that she’s a super-hero.


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