The horse who came to be named Arab was an Arabian horse that was purchased by famous Colonel James Hutton during the days of the American Frontier. The horse was shipped along the Santa Fe Special, which was boarded by the outlaw hero known as the Ringo Kid. When the horse was later stolen by outlaws who hijacked the train, the Ringo Kid rescued the Colonel's daughter and went after the horse thieves. The Kid killed the gang and tamed the horse and delivered it to the Colonel's home. However the Colonel decided that the Ringo Kid deserved the horse after rescuing his daughter and the Kid happily accepted the horse, naming it Arab.[1]

Since then, Arab has been the Ringo Kid's faithful and constant companion. The horse has taken him to such places as: Cavallo;[2] Black Mesa;[3] Vista Del Toro; La Paz;[4] Shotgun City;[5] Tumbleweed;[6] Stampede;[7][8] Thunder Gap; Yuma;[9] Salt Lick;[10] the Texas Panhandle;[11] Arrowhead;[12] Fargo City; El Quintero;[13] Pilares;[14] Comanche Gap; Fort Sierra; Shasta;[15] Wichita; Bowstring;[16] Totem; Barnaby;[17] Calope; Calico;[18] Caribou; Fort Cheyenne;[19] Remuda;[20] Cross Creek;[21] Padundo;[22] and Tombstone.[23]

A horse of above average intelligence, Arab frequently came to his master's rescue when he was captured, usually chewing through bonds and pulling the bars off of the various jails that the Kid found himself locked in. In a few instances Arab went above and beyond his usual tasks, such as when the horse was capable of giving the Ringo Kid cover fire with specially rigged shotguns when he went after Whip Kirby.[24] In another instance, the Ringo Kid was attacked by a gang of outlaws in Black Mesa, but was knocked out and did not see who they were. Much later, when the gang who attacked him and the Ringo Kid happened to be in the next town, Arab recognized them and attacked. Unaware of why, Ringo had to face the law when charges were pressed for the "unprovoked" attack and Arab was ordered to be destroyed. However the Ringo Kid confronted the man who pressed the charges and learned the truth. When the outlaws got the drop on him the Ringo Kid was saved by Arab.[25]


Arab is a highly intelligent horse, able to understand basic verbal commands form his master the Ringo Kid.

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