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Arachne was a woman who claimed to be a better weaver than Athena, causing Athena to curse her into the form of a creature with a spider body instead of legs.[1]

Olympus Group

Arachne was one of the many monsters employed by Hera's Olympus Group, and battled Hercules' allies[2] (as a way to avenge herself from Athena), especially Spider-Man.[1]


She later appeared in New York City after Hercules became infested with the Spider-Virus. She entrapped the X-Men in her magic web. Arachne found Hercules' spider form to be very attractive and they proceeded to have sex. much to the dismay of the X-Men who were forced to watch.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Arachne is a skilled weaver.[1]


Spider-Man mentioned to Arachne the fact that her name was "already taken" by a member of Omega Flight, and proposed to her "Spider-Woman", "Spider-Girl", and "Araña",[1] all names already used by spider-themed heroines.

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