The Arachnid began his career not as a costumed super-hero, but rather as a super-villain mastermind. At some unknown point he reformed and became a crime fighter. Perhaps when the insane reality-warping mutant Mad Jim Jaspers took over the government of the Great Britain of Earth-238. Mad Jim Jaspers began persecuting other costumed paranormal individuals, having them hunted down and executed in order to make Britain a more safer place to live.

After they became outlawed fugitives the Arachnid joined the fight against the oppressive regime running Britain. The Arachnid was among the group that were hiding in a secret location when the Fury attacked and began slaughtering everyone there, including the Arachnid.

Other people slaughtered by the Fury are, Kid Miracleman, Iron Tallon, Bash Street Bunty, the Crusader, Gaath, the Puppetman, Captain Roy Risk, Android Andy, Tom Rosetta, Miracleman, Colonel Tusker and Young Miracleman.

Captain UK was the only surviving hero on that day thanks to her husband, Rick, sending her away in a Ghost Box.

His remains were buried in a superhero graveyard, and years later Captain Britain passed by his tombstone.


The Arachnid had a vast array of miniature gadgets and weapons at his disposal. He also wore a costume that enhanced his strength and durability.

  • Arachnid is based on the British comic character the Spider.

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