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The patriarch (ruler) of the Saurians and a member of the High Council. Aracht’yr had a wife, Mirielle, and some children, C’rel was among them. After the defeat of the human army, Aracht’yr saw Ms. Marvel fighting Khadar and was impressed. He ordered Haemon to capture her, against the will of the other lizards. He had Ms. Marvel undergo a trial before the High Council with the hope to find a solution different than the woman’s death. Unfortunately, during the trial, a fight broke out in the Arena and the monument of the Lizard People civilization was shattered and Ms. Marvel believed dead. Once at home, Aracht’yr was approached by Ms. Marvel who asked him to free the prisoners. Aracht’yr was sure that the Guardian would kill them all, so when Ms. Marvel defeated the enormous serpent, Aracht’yr agreed to her plan. He let the humans go after Haemon had scrambled their memories.[1]

Unfortunately, the Dire Wraiths learnt of the Saurians’ existence and location. The aliens killed almost all the Lizards, including Aracht’yr.[2]



Aracht’yr is a semi-humanoid reptile covered in scales, with three fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand and has a large heavy tail. Aracht’yr had no special powers but he was respected and wise. He was one of the less bloodthirsty and war-like lizards of the People.

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