Arak and his twin brother Arion were employed by the powerful and corrupt merchant Kyras Shakati as aides and bodyguards, and both were aware of his criminal activities, including the slaving operation. Both brothers liked to indulge in the decadent pleasures available to them on Cinnibar which in their case involved using blades on women. After Star-Lord, Kip Holm and Sandy had been caught while infiltrating Shakati's sky-palace, Arak was with Shakati when the merchant used his Telempathy Crystal to tap their memories while trapping them in a virtual reality. Once Star-Lord had freed himself and his allies, Shakati ordered Arak to protect him and Arak confronted Sandy, eager to use his blade on her. Unfortunately for Arak, Sandy was far more skilled at combat and in a matter of seconds she had disarmed him with one hand while snapping his neck with the other.[1]

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