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Quote1.png A couple of days back, Krakoa kind of... ate another whole island filled with monsters. Quote2.png

The Arak Coral was a portion of Arakko sent with Summoner to re-merge with Krakoa.[4][1]


After the fall of Arakko, the survivors sent Summoner on a remnant of Arakko, the Arak Coral, to find Krakoa and Apocalypse.[4][1]

The Arak Coral appeared on Earth the same day Professor X was assassinated.[5][4] Mysteriously appearing 100 miles south of Krakoa, which immediately began heading towards the other island. After Aurora and Northstar surveyed the island and observed hostile life forms, Cyclops went to the island with Prestige and Cable to investigate. On the island, the trio encountered Summoner and several monsters. Once communication was established between the parties, the Arak Coral was able to merge with Krakoa becoming the southwestern edge of the island.[4]

The monsters remained in the Arak Coral and mutants mainly avoided the area. However, while playing, Curse lost Fauna in the "bad place". Curse recruited Cable, Pixie, and Armor to find Fauna. They were able to find Fauna and rescue him from a monster, and Cable found the Light of Galador.[3]

While preparing to save his family and Arakko, Apocalypse created the External Gate in the Eternal Caldera by sacrificing four of his fellow Externals. With the External Gate open, Krakoa was linked directly to Otherworld.[6][1][7]

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